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Priceless Resource is a new concept developed by Sh. Rajeev Kapoor, a well known Business Consultant and Entrepreneur.

What is a priceless resource – Typically employee are either capable but not reliable or reliable but lack capability. When an employee has both the qualities he becomes priceless for the organisation and typically never costs anything to the organisation as he contributes much more than his cost. Priceless People is our initiative to share these resources for suitable jobs. The resources shared by us proven priceless resources having great referrals.

We will share details of such resources who are available for quick joining and can become asset to your company in no time.

Profile 1

Operations professional

  • Responsible for delivering time sensitive projects requiring multiple stakeholders. Can single handedly manage and deliver projects
  • Skill – Operations managment, People managment, Sourcing
  • Industry experience – Media, Exhibitions, Marketing Events, Projects, TV Channel. Comfortable working in any industry requiring operations expertise
  • Traits – Takes complete ownership in whatever he does
  • Who can get benefited with this resource – Mid size businesses who need to manage operations requiring coordination with multiple stakeholdres and can appreciate value of priceless resource and can take care of him

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