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About Rajesh Gupta

Rajesh is an innovator and leader in the field of Human Resource Strategy practices. He is currently working as Vice President – HR with a leading retail company based in New Delhi, a business brokerage and advisory company with manpower size of 1400 plus having presence in sixteen cities in India. He is responsible for its benefits, business strategy formation, incubating new business ventures, monitoring performance, policies and procedures, ensuring quality and effective management etc. He has 16 plus years of multi-faceted business and professional experience.

Rajesh's Vision

Rajesh’s vision is to help individuals with disabilities reach their employment goals. He plans to do this by running programs such as job skills training, counseling, mentoring or even funding in some cases that can make individuals employable or can help them to become self-employed. Each individual has unique gifts, skills and talents that must be recognized and these unique strengths can be maximized at their workplace.

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