Are you looking for a Project Manager that will lead a project to success? The following is a list of 10 behaviours that great project managers exhibit that you can use in your search.

Diplomacy – Project managers really need an understanding of the environment and system, and to know how to work with not only team members and stakeholders, but also different organizations internal or external to the project.

Commitment to Task – Staying committed to getting things done keeps the project on time and on task, and deliverables completed.

Team Building – It’s critical to keep the team engaged, committed and collaborating so that deliverables move forward and the project stays on track.

Reading the System -It takes skill to not only read the system of all the 2 environments and groups involved, but also to determine whether or not people are engaged. If people aren’t engaged in the project, they will be unwilling to give accurate, timely information and more than likely will not get their deliverables completed.

Organization and Planning -A PM must be able to organize and plan projects effectively.

Communication -Especially significant is the ability to communicate effectively among groups where there are cultural differences, or where there are differences between organizations and communication has to occur at varying levels.

Decision Making and Problem Solving -The PM needs to be able to quickly assess what’s happening on the project, engage and involve people, and get risk and issues accelerated and completed in a timely way.

Process Management – Project and process management go hand in hand. The PM must follow some type of systemized project and process management for the team and project.

Change Management. Effectively managing changes that occur on the project involves knowing who to go to and how, and understanding the process that quickly involves stakeholders in determining what has to be done. Leadership – Ultimately, he should know the difference between managing and leading, and be able to inspire and keep the team going even when times are tough.

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